New Swiss passport released to public: What you need to know

New Swiss passport released to public: What you need to know

A new version of the Swiss passport has now been released to the public. The ID has the latest security features and is designed to pay tribute to the alpine nation's natural beauty. Swiss citizens at home and abroad will be able to order the passport from October 31, 2022.

Brand new Swiss passport design released

The latest version of the distinctive red passport will now be available to order at passport offices in Swiss cantons, or at Embassies and consulates overseas. According to the Federal Office for Police, a new version of the passport was required, so that the government could update the permit with the latest safety features.

The design of the new passport is heavily influenced by the Swiss landscape, with natural features from all 26 cantons of Switzerland like mountains, rivers, lakes, historical sites and more. The cover of the pass is grooved as to resemble the contour lines on maps of the Alps.

New Swiss passport pays tribute to citizens living abroad

Along with showcasing Switzerland's natural beauty, an additional page has been added which is dedicated to Swiss citizens living abroad - also known as the “fifth Switzerland” alongside German, French, Italian and Romansh-speaking areas of the country. The final page has a picture of the world - often colloquially called Switzerland’s 27th canton.

You can check out what the new passports look like here:

Video: Swiss Federal Police fedpol / YouTube

A new Swiss passport is out, what do I do?

Those issued with Swiss passports before October 31, 2022 do not have to exchange them, and they will remain valid until the expiry period quoted in each individual pass. Holders of Swiss residence permits do not have to do anything.

The new series of passports will also include a diplomatic passport, a national service passport and new refugee documents. A new ID design will also be released by authorities in the first half of 2023.

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