New Swiss driver crashes car into barrier while snogging

New Swiss driver crashes car into barrier while snogging

After just passing your driving test, buying your first car, getting it registered and insured and hitting the road for the first time, many feel invincible behind the wheel. Unfortunately, one new boy racer soon became aware that passing his test had not earned him a place on the cast of the new Fast and Furious movie after he crashed his new set of wheels while smooching his passenger.

Swiss driver skids off road while kissing

According to a statement from the Swiss police, the incident occurred in the Baregg tunnel near Baden, Canton Aargau. At around 8.45am, a recently qualified driver - aged 19 years old - made his way towards the tunnel in his fresh set of wheels with his girlfriend in the passenger seat. Unfortunately, instead of eyes on the road, it was clear his eyes were looking somewhere else.

Clearly feeling the rush of the moment, the man decided that instead of "mirror, signal, manoeuvre", he would try "glance, awkward manoeuvre, snog" while still at the wheel of his car. Sadly, the calamitous Casanova got more than what he bargained for while leaning over for a kiss, losing control of the car while still in the tunnel. 

Car-based Casanova gets licence revoked

The car itself hit the barrier walls before coming to a stop. Luckily for them, the two lovebirds escaped the road accident with nothing but a damaged car and a fair dose of embarrassment. The man was quickly questioned by the emergency services who arrived on the scene, and for his trouble - and incompetence - he had his newly won driving licence confiscated. 

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