New study reveals the most reputable Swiss brands in 2023

New study reveals the most reputable Swiss brands in 2023

From supermarkets to chocolate and watches, Switzerland is home to a number of prominent brands. Now, a new survey by consumer research firm GfK has revealed which of the 50 largest Swiss companies are held in the highest regard, with the “Orange giant” reclaiming its place at the top of the ranking.

Swiss brands continue to be known the world over

Thanks to captivating branding, many Swiss international companies and their products are known the world over. Even domestic Swiss firms have been praised for their excellent image management, with Swisscom recently earning the title of the strongest brand in Europe, much to the surprise of the internet provider.

However, in a survey of Swiss citizens and residents of the country, carried out between January and February 2023, a business famous for one gigantic "M" has the best reputation among local customers - and no, it’s not McDonald's. After being beaten by knife brand Victorinox last year after eight years at the top, Migros has reclaimed its place as the local firm with the highest reputation in Switzerland.

Migros praised for environmental policies

GfK told Watson that people younger than 30 years old hold Migros in especially high regard. Experts explained that recent efforts by the firm to become more environmentally friendly - such as releasing their own brand of biodegradable coffee capsules - have endeared them to young people in the country.

Despite losing the top spot, Victorinox did not fall far, placing second in the ranking. Crisp manufacturer Zweifel, sweet producer Ricola and luxury chocolate brand Lindt & Sprüngli rounded out the top five. This year, the top 10 is notable for not including a single Swiss bank.

10 most reputable brands in Switzerland in 2023

In all, here are the most reputable Swiss companies in 2023 and what they are known for:

  1. Migros (supermarket)
  2. Victorinox (knives)
  3. Zweifel (crisps)
  4. Ricola (sweets)
  5. Lindt & Sprüngli (chocolate)
  6. Gerberit (sanitary products)
  7. Coop (supermarket)
  8. Logitech (tech)
  9. Rivella (drinks)
  10. Swiss Federal Railways (public transport)

Along with top companies, GfK also analysed the reputation of non-profit organisations. This year, Rega Air-Rescue performed best, followed by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.

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