More than 50.000 companies were formed in Switzerland in 2022

More than 50.000 companies were formed in Switzerland in 2022

According to data from commercial registers, compiled by the business directory, more than 50.000 companies were formed in Switzerland in 2022. A surge in the last quarter of the year helped push the number of business registrations in Switzerland over the 50.000 mark. 

In December alone almost 5.000 new Swiss companies were registered 

Overall, the number of people starting a business in Switzerland has remained stable in the past few years. In 2022, the number of new companies registered dropped by 1 percent compared to 2021, but remains 7 percent higher than figures for 2020. 

Compared to 10 years ago, the number of new businesses is 37 percent higher. In 2022, 50.015 companies were formed, while in 2012 just 39.371 companies came into existence. In December 2022 alone there were 4.897 new companies founded, which is an increase of 18 percent compared to the month before. 

Number of firms going bankrupt also increased in 2022

Sadly, just as the number of companies opening in Switzerland increased, so did the number of failing firms, causing some people to lose their jobs. The number of companies that declared bankruptcy in 2022 was 4.349, which is a 21 percent increase on the figures for the previous year. 

Despite this though, economic data shows that the country’s financial situation remains stable, even with the currency pressures in the global economy. While many other nations around the world continue to battle rising inflation, economic stagnation and political instability, Switzerland remains in economically good shape

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