Minimum internet speed in Switzerland to increase eightfold in 2024

Minimum internet speed in Switzerland to increase eightfold in 2024

From 2024, residents of the alpine nation will be guaranteed faster connections by internet providers in Switzerland, after the government has raised the minimum internet speed requirement eightfold. Authorities hope the policy will make it easier for people to work in Switzerland, especially those on flexible work contracts.

Hybrid work means everyone needs internet, Swiss government says

Speaking to Blick, the Federal Council explained that the COVID pandemic had made it clear that “access to reliable and efficient broadband services is essential for all sections of the population in all parts of the country.” They added that with jobs in Switzerland becoming increasingly online and remote, the state had to guarantee internet access for residents and boost the internet connection in rural areas.

Therefore, from 2024, the government has ordered that the “universal minimum service” for all households and businesses in Switzerland be raised from 1 megabits per second (Mbps) to 8 Mbps. The government has also set a price cap for the minimum service; from 2024, all service providers will not be able to charge more than 60 francs a month for a basic package.

Internet speeds in Swiss towns and villages to be boosted by 2024

While this minimum speed isn't expected to impact Swiss cities - online test website Speedtest noted the average internet speed in Zurich is 85,25 Mbps - it will mean far faster connections for those on cheap deals and those living in suburban or rural areas. The current “universal service" provider and network operator Swisscom - which was recently voted the best telecom provider in the German-speaking world - must provide the minimum service in all Swiss cantons and cities from 2024.

However, it must be mentioned that Swisscom’s universal service licence expires in 2023, so it may be up to another internet and phone provider to implement the minimum speed. For more information, please consult the official press release (in German).

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