Man in Switzerland fined over 700 francs for driving too slowly

Man in Switzerland fined over 700 francs for driving too slowly

A driver in Switzerland has been fined over 700 francs for the crime of driving too slowly down a pass in the Swiss mountains. After a failed appeal, the man from Canton Bern has said he isn’t paying.

Swiss driver fined for slow drive down mountain pass

On February 20, 2022, Jürg Hirschi, a Swiss entrepreneur, was driving his truck and horse trailer from Samedan to Kappelen after participating in the White Turf Horse Racing Event in the Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz. However, as soon as he finished descending the Julier Pass in Canton Graubünden, he was stopped by the Swiss police.

Authorities told Hirschi that an anonymous caller had informed them of a truck that had driven down the pass far too slowly, creating long delays and traffic jams. In May 2022, he received a fine of 780 Swiss francs from the public prosecutor, which stated that he had not followed traffic rules and had created a traffic jam that was 175 cars long.

Allegations of creating traffic jams ridiculous, says driver

“That’s ridiculous,” Hirschi said, explaining that most of the lay-bys on the Julier Pass were already occupied, meaning he couldn't wave people past. “It took me exactly 75 minutes from Samedan to Tiefencastel. According to Google Maps, the drive usually takes just under an hour, so I can't have been that slow," he asserted.

When asked about 175 car traffic jam, he said that “the police have no way of knowing which cars were behind me on the Julier and which came down from the other passes. There were also various vehicles in front of me, including several horse transporters.” 

Hirschi chose to appeal the fine, which was first rejected by local officials. However, all may not be lost as, according to Blick, the public prosecutor is now analysing the evidence to see if Hirschi was in fact driving too slowly.

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