Man in Switzerland arrested after attempting "armed" robbery with a croissant

Man in Switzerland arrested after attempting "armed" robbery with a croissant

When reading about criminal activity, it’s common to assume that the perpetrators had planned their crime some time in advance. However, it seems as though a man in Zug didn’t even get past breakfast before choosing to break the law, as he tried to rob a branch of the postal service with a croissant.

Robber in Switzerland uses croissant in post office heist attempt

According to a report by the Swiss police, given to Blick, the post office in Laubenhof, Canton Zug was the subject of a very strange robbery attempt. At 10.45am on an otherwise ordinary day, people in the post office were alerted to a man who had just walked in wearing a ghost mask.

At the counter, the man demanded that the postal workers give him all the money they had in store - which is probably a large amount as SwissPost is also one of the largest banks in Switzerland. However, instead of brandishing a gun or weapon bought from a shady arms dealer, it appeared that the man had visited a patisserie for his choice of armament, which was a fresh croissant.

Croissant bandit caught by the Swiss police

People in the post office described the man threatening the cashier with the croissant, which he held like a pistol. Despite his layered attempts to get the money, people soon alerted the emergency services

Police were quickly summoned and arrested the empty-handed 42-year-old in front of the post office. He now awaits trial. The fate of the croissant - such as whether it was confiscated, dusted for prints or eaten by the authorities - remains to be revealed.

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