Get English-speaking medical care in Switzerland with Mobi Doctor

Get English-speaking medical care in Switzerland with Mobi Doctor


When it comes to getting effective medical treatment, there are many factors that are important, including having efficient, available, and accessible healthcare services. These are all factors Christian Lundstad aimed to achieve when he created Mobi Doctor

With this virtual urgent care service, English-speaking doctors can help you solve any medical issues you may have over the internet. Within seconds, you can connect with a dedicated professional who can answer your medical questions. Find out how they can help and save you a trip to the doctor’s office.

Get medical help any day of the week

When you need medical care late at night or over the weekend, the last thing you want to do is wait until the doctor is in. At times like these, most people will ask "where can I find a doctor near me?" The answer is Mobi Doctor. They’re open seven days a week, morning, noon, or night, and their team of doctors can connect with you in seconds.

Schedule an appointment with the Mobi Doctor team and get medical advice in minutes!

In the case of serious or life-threatening emergencies, or if you require in-person treatment, it’s best to seek emergency medical care. In Switzerland, you can call 144 or 112 for the emergency services or visit your local accident and emergency centre. 

Sign up for online medical assistance with Mobi Doctor

However, for non-emergency matters, Mobi Doctor can connect you instantly with a professional doctor who will provide you with a clear path of action to improve your health. Instead of spending hours looking for an urgent care specialist, connect with Mobi Doctor and get checked out immediately!

They can speak with you and quickly determine the cause of your ailment. What’s more, Mobi Doctor’s virtual team are all fluent in English.

Save time by getting medical advice from Mobi Doctor

You don’t want to waste valuable time on trips to urgent care if you just have some questions or need a prescription filled. With Mobi Doctor, you can get all the health advice you need from your computer or laptop. You don’t need to be technologically skilled to use Mobi Doctor’s English-language platform either. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, you can easily connect with one of their many doctors online. 

All you need is an internet connection, a working microphone and a video camera to get the healthcare you need with the Mobi Doctor team. Their platform will also protect your information from breaches and maintain patient privacy during your appointment.

Fast help for medical non-emergencies

The Mobi Doctor team in Switzerland can answer many health-related questions and offer a course of treatment to help you recover. They can even provide prescriptions to help you overcome a minor illness or injury. Also, did you know that you can get all this high-quality healthcare for just 24 francs? You shouldn’t have to scrimp and save to pay for healthcare, so with Mobi Doctor, you don’t have to.

English-speaking doctors in Switzerland? Check out Mobi Doctor!

With Mobi Doctor, you can see a healthcare specialist without the stress of travelling or the waiting involved in being seen in person. To access affordable English-speaking medical care in Switzerland, schedule an urgent care visit with Mobi Doctor!



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AlbertoPerez2 14:29 | 25 August 2023

Pharmacies in Switzerland (or at least in Geneva) would not honor prescriptions from doctors practicing in other countries. Or at least that's what they told me from Amavita: "Bonjour Nous vous remercions pour votre commande. Nous sommes au regret de vous informer que celle-ci n'a pas pu être traitée comme vous le souhaitiez et qu'elle a donc dû être annulée. Nous ne sommes pas autorisés par la loi à exécuter des ordonnances provenant de l'étranger. Nous vous remercions d'en avoir pris connaissance. Meilleures salutations"