Geneva to ban smoking in a number of outdoor areas

Geneva to ban smoking in a number of outdoor areas

In a statement, the Council of State in Geneva has confirmed that it will be banning smoking in several outdoor public places. Total smoking bans are planned for a number of public services, especially those close to where children are likely to spend time.

Geneva to tighten rules for smokers

In a press release, the local council announced that it will be adding a new article to the law on the prohibition of smoking in public places. “This article aims to extend the protection of the population, especially young people, against smoking as provided for in cantonal law, by creating healthy, smoke-free outdoor environments”, they noted.

As part of the new rules, a total ban on smoking will be put in place within a 9-metre perimeter of the outdoor grounds of childcare facilities, primary and secondary schools, and tertiary institutions. The ban will also include any place within a 9-metre radius of a door, air inlet or window connected to an educational facility.

Smoking banned at pools and bus stops

For outdoor swimming pools, beyond designated areas and the terraces of bars - so long as they are 9 metres from the pool - all smoking will be prohibited. Finally, for public transport, smoking will be barred at bus, tram and train stops, in waiting areas and in bus shelters in the city.

Authorities confirmed that the new rules will be put into force on June 1, 2023. Entrepreneurs and Swiss businesses will be given until January 1, 2024, to adjust their operations and instal non-smoking signs in the newly banned locations.

For more information, check out the official press release (in French).

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JasonThomas2 09:38 | 22 May 2023

Hooray! I hope this trend continues throughout Switzerland. It would be great to have non-smoking sections for outdoor restaurants and terraces. You have to go inside to get fresh air.