Find the right Swiss health insurance for you with Cigna

Find the right Swiss health insurance for you with Cigna


Switzerland is a land of picturesque beauty and Alpine charm. Consistently ranked as one of the best destinations for expats, this wealthy country is acclaimed for its economic prosperity, skilled labour force and strong entrepreneurial ideas. While the cost of living is high, expats will likely enjoy high financial rewards, a reliable healthcare system, celebrated schools and well-organised public transport.

Find the right insurance for your needs with Cigna Global

Cigna Global can offer you comprehensive healthcare coverage to secure your peace of mind

Healthcare in Switzerland is both brilliant and a little different in that there is no universal healthcare coverage. Although there are state-funded hospitals, private medical insurance is mandatory for both residents and expats in order to live in the country.

Most medical treatments are covered through insurance, apart from dentistry, while extra benefits can be included for things like private rooms. Premiums are based on where you live as opposed to your income. Everyone living in Switzerland needs to take out a health insurance policy within three months of moving to the country. There aren’t major differences between public and private facilities - sometimes referred to as specialist hospitals - with the latter specialising in certain treatments and enjoying even shorter waiting periods than the already fast systems under state care.

If this seems a little daunting or confusing, Cigna Global can help navigate you through how the system works and how you can take advantage of what is available. Their diverse team of professionals specialise in designing international health insurance packages with expats in mind.

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An international insurance plan that meets your needs

If you’re thinking about taking out private health insurance, Cigna Global can offer you comprehensive coverage to secure your peace of mind and save you out-of-pocket expenses, ensuring you always have fast access to quality care and support.

Build it your way

Simply select from three levels of core cover and add your optional benefits, such as outpatient care, medical evacuation, vision and dental care. By choosing Cigna Global, you’ll also benefit from:

  • A global network of 1.65M hospitals and healthcare professionals
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
  • Access to medical support in over 200 countries and territories
  • Global Telehealth - Access to doctors by phone or video

Start creating your international health insurance package today!

Cigna Global’s flexible international health plans are specifically designed for expats, making it easy to create a plan to suit your specific needs and budget, ensuring you and your family are covered from the very first moment you arrive. 



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