Family incomes stable in Switzerland, despite rising taxes

Family incomes stable in Switzerland, despite rising taxes

New data from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has shown that people in Switzerland spent more on taxes, social security and health insurance in 2019 than in previous years. The Household Budget Survey shows that incomes remain stable, despite costs rising in most areas for Swiss people.

Family expenses in Switzerland increased for health insurance and taxes

The Household Budget Survey is an annual report done by the government on what Swiss families spend their money on. The report found that the average family in Switzerland gave around 31 percent of their income to taxation, social security programmes and health insurance in 2019. This is around 1 percent more than the previous year. 

According to the study, the average Swiss household is made up of 2,1 people. Households typically spend around 14 percent of their total income on housing and energy, 7 percent on food and 7,4 percent on driving or public transport.

Household income for Swiss families remains stable

Average household income has increased slightly, up to around 9.582 Swiss francs a month. Once taxation and social security has been deducted, the average take-home pay for families is around 6.600 Swiss francs a month, up by 22 Swiss francs from the year before. Notably, the report found a significant increase in the amount spent on entertainment and restaurants, before the COVID pandemic.

The FSO concluded the report by highlighting the fact that six out of 10 households in Switzerland had disposable income below the national average. For those on minimum wage, or salaries of 4.500 Swiss francs or fewer a month, households tended to overspend, making them at greater risk of financial instability. 

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