Couple finds wedding ring six months after losing it in Swiss ski resort bar

Couple finds wedding ring six months after losing it in Swiss ski resort bar

A couple from Germany have rediscovered the husband's wedding ring six months after it was lost in the Swiss ski resort of Lenzerheide. The man had lost the ring while attending an après-ski party in March at the famous resort in the mountains.

German man loses wedding ring during Swiss après-ski party

According to Blick, "Michael" was on holiday in Switzerland with a few friends when they attended an après-ski party at the Golddigger Bar in Lenzerheide. Unfortunately, as soon as he took off his gloves, the wedding ring slipped off his cold finger and fell through the floorboards.

The man had worn the ring since his civil marriage in September 2021, and desperately needed it back because he was set to take part in a church wedding, scheduled for June 2022. According to Dani Meier, who was working behind the bar at the time, Michael first shouted some expletives and then lamented to him, “I lost my wedding ring while taking off my gloves. And I'm getting married in June!”

“The Golddigger Bar was packed. We couldn't send everyone away. Also, the ring probably fell under the ground in the snow and could not have been found without shovels," Meier told Blick. He then comforted the man, saying that he would back up the man’s story when he tells his wife, and that if he really wanted the ring back, he could return to the resort in the off-season during the summer and unscrew the floorboards himself.

Man returns to Lenzerheide six months later to recover his wedding ring

To their surprise, six months later, the man returned, this time with a perhaps less than pleased wife in tow. The staff from the local mountain railway, along with two other employees, managed to lift the floorboards up and find the lost ring. "We found the ring about 10 minutes after we unscrewed the slats," the relieved husband said.

As the church wedding had already taken place, Michael had to buy a second wedding ring for the event. With both rings recovered, he now calls himself the “Lord of the Rings”, according to local radio station FM1 Today.

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