Cost of plane tickets jump by 50 percent in Switzerland, study finds

Cost of plane tickets jump by 50 percent in Switzerland, study finds

As people in Switzerland prepare to fly off to their favourite holiday destinations this summer, the comparison site Comparis has revealed that people are paying sky-high prices for the privilege. The company found that those jetting out of Swiss airports today are paying 50 percent more for flights compared to the start of the year, with experts warning the current price hikes are just the beginning.

Cost of flying out of Switzerland sky-rockets

According to Comparis, reported in Blick, the cost of flying has increased by 50 percent between today and January 2023. As people in the country face a dramatic loss in purchasing power, airlines have been seen jacking up their prices, especially during public holidays and peak times this summer.

The company found that price hikes have been recorded on both long and short-haul routes, adding that the cost of package holidays has also risen by 21 percent since the start of the year. As a result, the firm encouraged families and individuals to book early to get the best price possible.

Short and long-term factors to blame for ticket prices

Blick explained that the current price hikes can be blamed on both long-term trends and short-term shocks. During the pandemic, many workers across the world were either furloughed or lost their jobs, especially in the aviation industry. Once pandemic-related restrictions were lifted, many former cabin crew, pilots and ground staff had already found jobs elsewhere, leading to a significant worker shortage - so much so that SWISS offered to pay their pilots to give up paid leave.

Shortages have meant that the flag-carrier airline is currently operating at 85 percent of its 2019 capacity, despite the high demand. Short-term issues relating to the supply of engines at Airbus, inflation, the cost of fuel and ground strikes at airports in Germany and across the world have also caused ticket prices in Switzerland to surge. 

Cost of plane tickets to remain high, Swiss experts predict

Speaking to Blick, Comparis finance expert Dirk Renkert said that “airlines are faced with geopolitical problems… supply chain problems and a shortage of qualified personnel. These elements are combined with increased demand, this leads to marked price increases.” Much like previous statements made by SWISS, he concluded that lower ticket prices are “not on the horizon.”

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