Church bells to ring out across Switzerland in support of Ukraine

Church bells to ring out across Switzerland in support of Ukraine

Churches across Switzerland will show their support for peace in Ukraine by ringing their bells. At 10am on Wednesday, March 9, the church bells will start ringing in protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Bells in Swiss churches will ring in solidarity with Ukraine

Bells will ring out across Swiss cities on Wednesday in solidarity with Ukraine and in remembrance of those affected by the conflict. Instead of alarms and sirens blaring - as is a regular occurrence in Ukraine - the Swiss countryside will be filled with the sound of bells, which will ring for three minutes in every Christian denominated church.

The last time such an act took place was during the pandemic to recognise workers, particularly those in Swiss healthcare, who were dealing with COVID patients. Instead of the deserted streets seen during the pandemic, the bells are expected to be joined by vigils and protests against the Russian state like those seen in Zurich last week and over the weekend.

Churches in Switzerland condemn violent acts and war in Ukraine

The ringing will take place on March 9 between 10 and 10.03am, although in some places it may continue for longer. The event was confirmed by the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, the Evangelical Reformed Church and the Christian Catholic Church of Switzerland, who said they jointly condemn “the war of aggression which is waged by Russia against Ukraine and which threatens peace in Europe.” 

The group called on the Russian president to cease all acts of war in order to prevent further suffering. The churches also encouraged additional action, through providing aid or being ready to welcome refugees to the country.

The bells ringing are just one of a number of ways people in Switzerland are showing support for Ukraine. If you would like to know how to help Ukrainian people from Switzerland, please see our guide

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