CARIFY: The car solution for expats in Switzerland

CARIFY: The car solution for expats in Switzerland

People from all over the world choose to make Switzerland their new home, whether for career opportunities, educational pursuits, or personal preferences. At CARIFY, they understand the unique mobility needs of expats like you. Their mission is to make your Swiss journey seamless by providing hassle-free car and mobility solutions tailored to your needs.

Take the hassle out of cars with CARIFY!

CARIFY car subscriptions are the all-inclusive, flexible alternative to leasing or buying: A single monthly fee includes all costs related to your car like repairs, servicing, tires, motor vehicle tax, as well as registration in your canton. And, of course, comprehensive insurance is already included in the subscription price. 

How does CARIFY work?

Explore the CARIFY website and discover your favourite car or motorbike from a selection of over 2.000 vehicles. The intuitive filters, like fuel type, brand or seating capacity can help you find your dream car more efficiently. 

Once you've made your selection, you can conveniently choose your preferred delivery date (between 9 to 30 days in advance), set your insurance deductible (options include 1.500, 1.000, or zero Swiss francs), select your subscription duration (ranging from one to 48 months), and tailor your desired mileage package (ranging from 750 to 3.000 kilometres). CARIFY will handle the car registration process in your canton of residence and at their insurance provider. 

Throughout your subscription, your monthly fee will cover all expenses related to your vehicle. This means that you are only responsible for fuel expenses and any damages that are not covered by your chosen insurance deductible. Should your vehicle require maintenance during your subscription, simply get in touch with CARIFY, and they will take care of all the arrangements. No need to talk to garages or insurance companies. 

Get value for money through CARIFY's car subscription service!

Furthermore, if you live more than 30 minutes away from one of their garage partners, their drivers will pick up your car, transport it to the repair shop, and return it to you. What's more, with CARIFY, you do not have to worry about going over your budget! Their PREMIUM insurance provides you with a zero franc deductible and comprehensive coverage. No matter the situation, you are protected!

Why choose CARIFY?

There are many reasons why your next car should be with CARIFY:


Need a deal with your fast-paced and flexible needs in mind? At CARIFY, they offer car subscriptions of between one and 48 months with monthly cancellation options.

Cost transparency

One monthly subscription price includes all costs related to your car like comprehensive insurance, repairs, servicing, tires, motor vehicle tax, as well as registration in your canton. Bear in mind that importing your own car to Switzerland can cost several hundred Swiss francs in taxes and can be quite a hassle, as the car has to be inspected, taxed and registered at an insurance company.  

Convenience and multilingual support

CARIFY handle maintenance and more. No need to speak to a garage, insurance companies or the tax office! What's more, you can count on CARIFY for assistance anytime, anywhere in English, German, French or Italian. 


While the majority of subscription providers rely on brand-new cars produced exclusively for subscribers, CARIFY works closely with automotive garages that make their existing vehicles available for their service. This way, they give existing high-quality cars a second chance while simultaneously reducing the need to manufacture new vehicles. Additionally, they also offer new cars to provide a wide range of mobility solutions.

Who is eligible to book a CARIFY car?

To reserve a CARIFY vehicle, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. Here's what you need:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to book a CARIFY car and possess a valid driver's licence that is recognised in Switzerland. 
  • CARIFY is designed for residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You cannot book a car on a tourist visa. Merely owning property in Switzerland or being a Swiss national, does not automatically qualify you for booking a CARIFY vehicle.

Let CARIFY take care of all your vehicle needs!

CARIFY car subscriptions are a flexible mobility solution and optimal for expats. With just a few clicks, they take care of all your car-related needs so that you can focus on having fun on the road.

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