Boy injured after 24.000 francs dropped by drone over Zurich park

Boy injured after 24.000 francs dropped by drone over Zurich park

A publicity stunt gone wrong? A boy was rushed to hospital after a drone released thousands of 10 franc notes over a park in Zurich. Swiss police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident at Blatterwiese near China Garden, with many questioning what the purpose of the event truly was.

24.000 francs dropped over Zurich park

At 8pm on May 11, a drone equipped with a large bag of money was pictured flying over the Blatterwiese near China Garden in Zurich - a popular local swimming and picnicking spot. The drone was allegedly controlled by an influencer known by the handle oraclecomicsswitzerland, who had promised in a series of social media posts that he would drop 24.000 francs in 10 Swiss franc notes over the park for people to take.

Wearing a golden mask and black hoodie, the influencer was seen trying to calm the crowd that had developed beneath the drone. “Suddenly someone with the mask from the video came and announced that a drone was coming and dropping money. Then it rained money,” one of the participants told 20 Minuten.

Money rain causes stampede and injury

Once the money was released, thousands of 10 franc notes fell to Earth, causing a stampede. The witness added that he was happy he got out of the crowd without injury: “I think one of [the participants] broke his arm.” 

Caution, the video below contains strong language:

According to a statement from the police, in the rush to get the money a 12-year-old was injured with a “sharp object” and “taken to hospital in an ambulance.” Zurich City Police spokesperson Judith Hödl told Blick that the gathering and the drone were not approved by the local council and that “any violations of regulations regarding the use of drones and licencing requirements are now the subject of investigations.”

Why was so much money dropped over Blatterwiese?

Questions also remain as to what the motive of the alleged organiser was. Based on their posts on the internet in the lead-up, the money rain was the last of three publicity stunts based on parts of a new comic book. This involved the unveiling of an "infinite power source" near Zurich HB, a woman lifting a three-ton car resembling a Tesla Cyber Truck, and finally the money rain near China Garden. 

However, the fact that no specific promotion was attached to the videos, and that Oracle Comics is not a known company in Switzerland, means the true motives of the videos are still shrouded in confusion.

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