All remaining COVID-related travel restrictions to Switzerland to be scrapped

All remaining COVID-related travel restrictions to Switzerland to be scrapped

The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) has confirmed that all remaining COVID related travel restrictions are to be scrapped. From May 2, people arriving from nations currently on the “at-risk” list will be allowed to enter Switzerland, regardless of vaccination status.

COVID entry restrictions in Switzerland gone from May 2

In a statement, the SEM announced that from May 2, COVID related travel restrictions will be phased out and regular visa and travel requirements will be reinstated. It comes three weeks after all COVID restrictions were scrapped in Switzerland on the federal level, although some rules remain in some cantons.

Currently, a number of countries outside of the Schengen agreement and the EU are still listed as “at-risk”, meaning that entry from these countries is only allowed if you are a Swiss citizen, resident permit holder, transiting through the country or have a valid proof of vaccination or recovery. Entrants from at-risk nations could also be approved in cases of hardship.

At-risk nation list scrapped in Switzerland

The announcement will mean that from May 2, all people from at-risk nations will be able to travel to the alpine nation for tourism, residence or to look for a job, so long as they have the appropriate visa. In a short post on Twitter, the SEM said that those wanting to enter the country from areas that require visas should refer to the official government website.

Bear in mind that other nations may have COVID restrictions in place for arrivals from Switzerland, so do check with your destination country before you fly abroad.

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