Airline ticket tax supported by large majority in Switzerland, poll finds

Airline ticket tax supported by large majority in Switzerland, poll finds

A new poll by GfS Zurich has found that 72 percent of respondents are in favour of increasing the price of airline tickets to help tackle climate change. The idea of incorporating airline, carbon and other levies into Swiss taxes is still a source of debate in the alpine nation, exactly one year after the controversial CO2 Law was rejected at referendum.

Swiss airline tax proposed to combat climate change

In a survey of 1.000 people in Switzerland, GfS found that 72 percent of respondents supported imposing some form of levy on airline travel. Of those in favour, three-quarters wanted to use the money to fund climate protection projects, and 55 percent wanted to use the money to improve night trains, build high-speed rail and fund regular public transport in Switzerland.

If a tax were to be imposed, 42 percent of supporters called for a surcharge of 30 francs on short-haul flights from Swiss airports and 120 francs on long-haul flights. 50 percent of advocates said they would back even higher prices.

Young people in Switzerland more hesitant to impose airline ticket tax

Interestingly, young people were the most sceptical of the airline tax. According to GfS, of those that do support the levy, most younger respondents opted for the lowest tax possible.

The poll was commissioned for the first anniversary of the day Swiss citizens rejected the so-called CO2 Law - which would have placed a tax on airline tickets. Despite the rejection in June 2021, supporters of the airline tax are now pushing for another vote, and in March 2022, the government commissioned a report to plan for how carbon-neutral flying can be achieved by 2050.

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