69 percent of voters support the Swiss COVID-19 Act in new poll

69 percent of voters support the Swiss COVID-19 Act in new poll

A new poll by 20 minuten has put public support for the COVID-19 Act at 69 percent, achieving a plurality of voters from five of six major political parties. The news was well received by the Swiss government, who expressed hope the poll will turn into a positive result in the referendum in November.

Wide support for the COVID-19 Act among the Swiss public

The poll by 20 minuten and TX Group shows that support for the COVID-19 Act, which is being voted on in November, has increased by 6 percent since mid-October to around 69 percent of those surveyed. Despite new COVID restrictions, such as the certificate requirement, support for the laws has increased far more than was expected.

In what 20 minuten called a “tailwind” for Health Minister Alain Berset, the majority of voters from five of the six largest parties now support the act. The only exception was the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), but polling data showed that 35 percent of SVP voters would still vote yes.

Opponents of the COVID laws in Switzerland hope for a shock result

Co-President of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, Cédric Wermuth, said the “law is a decisive step on the way back to normality, prevents further lockdowns and eases congestion in hospitals.” Branding it the “sensible law,” he claimed the current polling showed their arguments were beginning to convince the wider population.

In the opposition camp, they are hoping for a so-called “minaret effect,” a reference to a surprise “yes” vote to the banning of minarets in 2009, despite polling showing it would be rejected. Critics of the law say the “extremely tense debate” where “both sides refer to each other as fascists” will make a polling upset on November 28 more likely.

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