2G+ COVID rules should be scrapped, say some Swiss politicians

2G+ COVID rules should be scrapped, say some Swiss politicians

As of December 20, all bars, nightclubs and swimming pools - along with other venues where seating and masking are impossible - have to impose 2G+ COVID restrictions. Now, some Swiss politicians have called for the rule to be scrapped, as they argue it makes a standard vaccination “worthless.”

2G+ unfairly restricts the vaccinated

Under 2G+ rules in Switzerland, entry to certain businesses is possible only for those who have been vaccinated against or recovered from COVID-19. However, anyone who has not been vaccinated or boosted within the last four months also has to provide a negative COVID test.

The new measures announced on Friday- designed to curb admissions to hospitals and soften the strain on the healthcare system this winter - made this four-month exception after consultation with the Swiss cantons, but some within the government have called for whole 2G+ system to be scrapped. National Councillor Marcel Dobler said, "2G+ is a slap in the face for those who have been vaccinated and makes their certificate, to a certain extent, worthless."

Some vaccinated people are still waiting for a COVID booster

Dobler made the point that those that were not eligible for the booster until recently should not be penalised, as many young people have only just been able to book the third jab. He added that the idea of 2G+ itself was a "red rag" since even vaccinated people still have to wear masks. "I wonder when we can ever take off the mask again," he said.

While not agreeing with Dobler, Pro-COVID-19 Act campaigner Peter Metzinger conceded that the current COVID certificate is “outdated.” He noted that "The COVID certificate must be updated as soon as possible to make the booster vaccination the new vaccination standard."

National Councillor Mustafa Atici agreed, supporting the idea that the booster should become “the new standard as soon as possible.” He noted that a booster jab offers the highest level of protection among the population and that a return to normalcy would require a “sped up booster campaign from the cantons.”

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