10 most popular brands in Switzerland revealed

10 most popular brands in Switzerland revealed

A new study by Brand Indicator Switzerland has revealed the most popular brands in the alpine nation in 2023. This year, the survey revealed that a number of international companies captured the hearts of the Swiss the most, although differences in opinion were found across ages and regions.

WhatsApp the most popular brand in Switzerland

Every year, Brand Indicator Switzerland (BIS) evaluates which brands are the most popular across Swiss cities and cantons. To create the ranking, the company asked 2.279 people from all different age groups and regions which brands they thought were the most important in their daily lives and how positively or negatively they viewed each brand.

In 2023, WhatsApp took the top spot in the overall ranking. Respondents of all ages said the free messaging system was integral to their daily lives, with most reporting a positive experience with the mobile app.

Migros wins battle of the Swiss supermarkets

In the battle of the Swiss supermarkets, Migros came out on top. Claiming second place overall to be the most popular Swiss-based brand, it beat out Coop which came in fourth - however, Coop was found to be more popular with younger people. American tech giant Google rounded out the podium places.

As part of the study, BIS also rated what the most “up and coming brands” are based on those favoured by so-called “influential personalities and opinion makers” - brand experts and influencers. In their opinion, the brands of the future are Supercard, Twint, Google, WhatsApp and Coop.

PostFinance the most popular Swiss bank

Given the prominence of Swiss banking in the global perception of Switzerland, BIS also took a look at which finance brands are most popular. When it comes to banks, PostFinance - the banking system run by the Swiss postal service - came out on top. MasterCard and Twint were the joint most popular methods of payment.

Finally, BIS noted that there are still large differences in how French and German-speaking areas rate brands and the media. For example, the survey found that while the Romande has largely done away with the public broadcasters - with many choosing to watch French cable television or Netflix instead - people east of the Röstigraben still seem wedded to SRF.

Top 10 brands in Switzerland in 2023

In all, here are the 10 most popular brands in Switzerland in 2023:

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Migros
  3. Google
  4. Coop
  5. YouTube
  6. M-Budget
  7. MasterCard
  8. Twint
  9. Swiss Post
  10. Gruyere

For more information, and to see the rest of the ranking, check out the official website.

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