MBA programs in Geneva

MBA programs in Geneva

Studying for an MBA in Geneva is a logical step for many executives - both expats and Swiss - after a certain number of years in their career field. Here are links to full-time and part-time Master of Business Administration programs offered by universities and business schools in Geneva.

  • Webster University Geneva

    An accredited American university campus, the Webster University Geneva offers a top-quality MBA programme that not only focuses on growing your business skills but growing personally so to prepare students for leadership.

  • Université de Genève

    Placing an emphasis on both professional and personal development, the Executive MBA course at the Université de Genève is perfect for anyone looking to take the next step in their professional career.

  • International University in Geneva

    The MBA at the International University in Geneva is aimed at preparing young, ambitious professionals for the challenges of business management. An MBA programme in Sales and Marketing is also available, for those interested in mastering selling and marketing strategies.

  • IFM Business School

    IFM’s Business School offers accredited MBA and EMBA programmes that provide a first class, relevant education across several different sectors. The MBA programmes cover a range of sectors, including international business and finance, so students can choose to study in a sphere in which they are most comfortable.

  • University of Business and International Studies

    A private university, UBIS is committed to providing an excellent education, anchored on business, international relations and globalisation. The UBIS MBA programme is designed to provide students with the necessary skills for senior positions in the corporate world.

  • EU Business School

    The internationally accredited EU Business School operates across Europe, including in Spain and Germany. The school has two campuses in Switzerland, one in Geneva and one in Montreux, Vaud. The school offers a variety of specialist MBA courses, ranging from Global Banking and Finance to Blockchain Management and Digital Business.

  • Ecole de Management et de Communication

    The Ecole de Management et de Communication in Switzerland offers an EMBA and MBA course, taught in French. The EMBA is taught over 18 months, while the MBA course runs for 12 months.